TM Lewin Shirt Innovation

TM Lewin Shirt Innovation

Innovation is embedded within our brand and has been from the beginning when Thomas Mayes Lewin was among the first to launch the iconic Coat Shirt over a century ago. As found in the definition of the word pioneer, we have an instinct to explore and push the boundaries in shirt manufacturing to bring a collection that is new, exciting, and original that also supports men’s lifestyles and reflects the cultural shifts within our modern-day world.

Whilst upholding our Jermyn Street shirt-making standards as a foundation, over the decades we have continually been at the forefront of adopting new technologies to elevate the product and produce a garment that changes and supports our ever-changing lives.

Since introducing the “Coat Shirt” in the early 1900’s, in more recent times have been one of the first to launch innovative product. As we strive to source the best fabrics globally for our products, we also ensure that we’re working with our fabric suppliers to deliver the very latest in garment technology to deliver the ultimate performance clothing in fit and comfort.  Recent examples include our always smart Non- Iron shirts, durable anti-tear suits, breathable moisture wicking fabrics, always perfect fitting anti-shrink chinos and versatile thermoregulating knitwear to name a just a few.

And we are not stopping there. As we look forward to forever improving, we will continue to seek out and deliver on product features and benefits that not only drive interest, excitement, and relevance but also that are sensitive to our changing world and environment.

We have always prided ourselves on our use of pure noble fibres within our products, refusing the use synthetic fibres to reduce price, and are now going that step further in setting our goals for the future in the mission to support sustainability throughout our product, our factories, and our community. Watch this space!