The days of ‘suit, shirt, tie’ business wear simplicity have passed and business casual is on the rise. This might sound confusing – the name itself is something of a contradiction – but trust us, it’s worth persevering.

At its most basic, business casual means pairing smart and casual pieces. You’ll also find it helps to think of this as a spectrum: some looks are smarter, others more relaxed. Here we share the wisdom of Jermyn Street and seven sharp looks to help you master the new office style.

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Business casual is your licence to experiment, and that can mean playing up the formality as well as dialling it down. This look features a waistcoat and tie – two classically formal pieces – but their knitted construction recasts them with a new casual effect. A patterned pocket square completes the playful impression.

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Knitted layers

Wearing knitwear, such as this soft knitted waistcoat, beneath a blazer is a great way to work in a laidback layer.

Add punch with pattern

Lighten more formal looks with contrasting patterned accessories, such as this pure silk pocket square.

The perfect look for the man who is just dipping his toe in the waters of business casual. The classic neutral navy colour scheme makes this a natural fit for the office, while the check shirt lightens the ensemble and the chinos offer an easygoing alternative to the formal trouser.

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The perfect blend

An ideal year-round option, this jacket blends wool for warmth, cotton for breathability and nylon for long-lasting wear.

Chino comfort

A touch of stretch gives this pure cotton chino a remarkably comfortable fit to complement your new laidback style.

It’s one of the cardinal rules of business casual. No matter how relaxed your look, every piece must be of the very best quality. Here we have a classic shirt and chinos combination, raised high through the choice of a fine Italian button-up and sharp premium chinos.

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Laidback luxury

Woven from super-fine Italian cotton and finished with mother of pearl buttons, this business casual shirt exudes sheer luxury.

Smart touches

Our chino shows sharp attention to detail, from the clean, contemporary cut to the distinctive lining.

The aim of the game is to loosen up without dressing down. Crafted in the continental unstructured style with soft shoulders, this Italian blazer is a joy to wear. A soft-touch cotton polo shirt and smart light chinos round out an outfit that is both sophisticated and exceptionally comfortable.

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Jacket required

Woven at an esteemed Italian mill, this distinctive indigo blazer is sure to elevate any outfit.

Polo upgrade

With its remarkably light fabric, refined metal buttons and crisp collar, this is a high-class take on the classic polo shirt.

No one does effortless style like the Italians. In fact, they even have a word for it. ‘Sprezzatura’ refers to an artful nonchalance, which is, of course, one way of defining business casual. Channel your own laidback sophistication with this soft blazer, stone chinos and light blue shirt combination.

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Italians do it better

Woven at a historic mill in northern Italy, this soft stretch cotton blazer is a lightweight option for the warmer seasons.

A cut above

Crafted from fine Italian cotton with a sharp cut, these are as smart a pair of chinos as you’ll find.

Mixing separates gives you the smart silhouette of a suit but with a more casual aspect. The soft tweed of this Merino wool jacket is a contemporary take on a classic, while the sand-tone chinos and check shirt create a lighter effect perfect for warmer months.

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Fine Merino

Crafted from a pure Merino wool fabric woven in Ireland, this casual blazer is sumptuously soft and lightweight.

Egyptian cotton

This super-soft, super-fine Egyptian cotton shirt combines a crisp finish and supremely comfortable wear.

This look falls towards to the casual end of the scale. The short sleeves and silky-soft touch pure cotton of the polo make it a cool, comfortable choice for summer wear in relaxed offices. It’s also well suited to dress down Fridays and makes for an effortless transition from business to leisure.

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Sports goes smart

Hidden buttons keep the collar crisp and flat, lifting the polo from its athletic origins to become an altogether smarter piece.

Your wear-everywhere trouser

Combining smart tailoring with a more casual fabric, our pure cotton chino is the ultimate business casual staple.